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Found 100 Million - Bab 134


Bab 134 - 134 Is This the Charm of Money?

134 Is This the Charm of Money?


Ye Feng did not know.


Not long after he and Xu Jingxin left, a mysterious phone call was made to the provincial public office.


After the phone call, the high-ranking officials of the Provincial Public Affairs Department gave the person-in-charge a good scolding on the same day.


After that, they mobilized the relevant law enforcement teams overnight to launch a severe crackdown on evil forces. In the end, many underground forces that had been entrenched in Zhonghai City for a long time were wiped out overnight.


It made many bosses who knew the inside story start to curse the troublemaking b*stard.


Of all people to provoke, he had to provoke the woman of the Xu family, causing everyone to be implicated.




Ye Feng naturally knew nothing about this.


The next morning, while he was still sleeping, he was suddenly woken up by the sound of his mobile phone ringing.


He picked up the call in a daze and heard a gentle woman’s voice on the other end.


“Hello, are you Mr. Ye Feng? This is the Legal Department of Immemorial Merchant City. You purchased all the shares of the Taigu Shopping Center yesterday. Is it convenient for you to come over today to complete the handover procedures?”


After hearing the other party’s story, Ye Feng finally remembered.


After helping Xu Jingxin out of the crisis yesterday, the system rewarded him with all the shares of Taigu Shopping Center.


Before this, Ye Feng had always heard of the great name of Taigu Shopping Center. He knew that it was a high-end shopping center.


It was not an exaggeration to say that it was a gathering place for luxury goods.


But due to his financial situation, Ye Feng had never been there before.


Now, it was just right.


The weather had started to turn cold recently, and he needed to add some clothes to change the season.


He could also go shopping and complete the handover procedures.




Thinking of this, Ye Feng replied: “Okay, I understand, I will go in a while.”


He hung up the phone.


Then, he got out of bed, washed up, and opened his closet to look for clothes.


As his body had been strengthened by the system a few days ago, he was much stronger than before.


These clothes didn’t really fit.


He randomly found a casual outfit and changed into it, then drove the Ferrari Enzo to Taigu Shopping Center.


He had originally thought that a high-end consumer place like Taigu Shopping Center would not have many customers.


However, he had still underestimated the number of rich people in Zhonghai.


All kinds of luxury cars were parked in front of the grand entrance of Taigu Shopping Center, as if it was a luxury car exhibition.


The customers flooded in like a flood, and the scale was comparable to a wet market.





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Although the luxury cars here were dazzling, it immediately caused a sensation when his Ferrari Enzo drove in.


The customers who were going in and out of the mall stopped to watch.


Many people even took out their cameras to take pictures.


And when Ye Feng pushed open the door and got off the car, he attracted many people’s attention.


Some of the girls even started to scream.


“That man is so handsome!”


“Yeah, he’s like a big star.”


“He’s much more handsome than those celebrities. His temperament is by no means something these celebrities can imitate…”


Handsome men and luxury cars were all women’s favorite.


Now that the two were combined, the attraction it brought was absolutely fatal.


There were even some bold girls who were ready to confess.


At this moment, he suddenly heard a familiar woman’s voice behind him. “Ye Feng? What are you doing here?”


The two people who came were none other than Chen Xuan and Zhang Youting.


Both of them were wearing neat OL uniforms today.


The former was white while the latter was black.


In addition, both of them were the best of the best, be it in terms of appearance or figure.


Once again, it caused quite a stir.


The men all looked at Ye Feng with jealousy.


What did it mean to be greeted by these two beautiful women?


It meant that this kid had saved the Milky Way in his previous life.


Sure enough, once a person had money, beautiful women would come to curry favor with him.


The women glared at Chen Xuan and Zhang Youting with hatred.


It was obvious that they saw the two of them as competitors.


“Hmph, if you dress up like a decent person, won’t you still pounce on any rich man you see?”




“You don’t understand. Men like women like her. Off the bed a lady, on the bed… You know what I mean.”


“Isn’t it just acting? Who doesn’t know how to? This old lady will also pretend to be noble and elegant.”


“Come on, if you’re beautiful, that’s called ‘the west touches the heart’. If you’re ugly, that’s called ‘copying the east’.”




Ye Feng turned a deaf ear to these gossipmongers. He only looked at Chen Xuan and Zhang Youting with admiration.


“Why are you guys here?”


“We are here to discuss the bidding for the advertising space with Taigu Shopping Center.” Chen Xuan immediately stated her purpose for coming.





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“That’s right. The people from Immemorial Merchant City are too difficult to deal with. We’ve already come here a few times, but we’ve returned empty-handed,” Zhang Youting immediately started complaining.


Chen Xuan hurriedly pulled her sleeve.


She didn’t want Ye Feng to always help her solve her problems.


Moreover, even if he wanted to, he was probably powerless.




After all, Immemorial Merchant City was a huge and domineering existence. Not everyone could have a say in it.


“You guys came at the right time. Help me pick out some clothes for the next season.”


After hearing their conversation, Ye Feng made his request.


Chen Xuan was stunned at first, but then she was secretly happy.


He actually wanted her to help him pick out his clothes?


What was the meaning of this?


Logically speaking, these things should be done by his wife or girlfriend.


Was he trying to hint at something?


Ye Feng, on the other hand, did not think too much. He turned around and entered the mall.


The two women could only follow him closely.


And many girls who were not willing to give up also followed him secretly. They wanted to see if there was a chance to build a relationship with Ye Feng.




“I think this suit suits you very well. What do you think?”


The three of them walked into an Armani counter.


Chen Xuan carefully picked a black suit for Ye Feng, then turned to ask for his opinion.


“Hmm, not bad.”


Ye Feng nodded in agreement, then he turned to the shop assistant and waved, “Everything that this beautiful lady says is suitable, please wrap them up for me.”


Hearing his words, the shop assistant was dumbfounded.


Ye Feng saw that he didn’t respond for a long time and could only urge her, “Don’t you understand? I said, wrap up everything that this beautiful lady beside me just said is suitable.”


The shop assistant finally reacted and confirmed again, “Are you sure you want that much? The clothes that this lady just said are more than ten sets, and the total price is more than 200 thousand…”


Ye Feng did not wait for him to finish her words. He took out a bank card.




The shop assistant’s hands trembled as he took the bank card. He was already in disbelief.


At this time, Chen Xuan walked over and pulled Ye Feng’s sleeve. “Are you crazy? Why did you buy so many?”


Ye Feng smiled indifferently. “Didn’t you say it’s pretty?”


Chen Xuan touched her forehead. “You can’t buy so many clothes even if they look good. Can you wear all of them?”


“If I can’t wear it, I can just leave it there. The clothes are in my house anyway. They won’t grow legs and run away,” Ye Feng explained.


Chen Xuan was immediately speechless.


Although she felt that there was something wrong with what he said, she couldn’t seem to find any fault with it.


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